Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello Gazelle lovers,

I was inspired to do something simple and out of the ordinary. I made a picture frame. Since you all know how I feel about Presley's Curls, I wanted to use that file for this!

The base of the frame is made of chipboard. In the software, I added a score line and two cut lines for the easel (so the frame can stand). I used a deep cut blade with a speed of 2, blade depth of 5 multi-cut of 2. These settings cut the chipboard perfectly without the drag marks. On top of the chipboard base, I used black Bazzill cardstock. I wanted something sturdy. I also used Bazzill for the more detailed layer. I also welded the circle that come with the file to the detailed files.

I left a slot open to keep the photo in place. I then added the title to the base. Finally I used tulle, flowers and the key (thank you Mrs. BossKut) that were in my stash to embellish the front of the frame.

That is it! This will make a lovely anniversary or wedding gift! I hope you all enjoyed it! Remember to stop by for more files, supplies and inspiration. Kenya~




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    1. Thank you so much Elsie! I always enjoy your visits~

  2. This is such a gorgeous frame with a gorgeous picture. A beautiful project!!

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    1. Hi!!! Thank you so much for your visit and love left on the frame project!

  4. Beautiful beautiful frame! And a question - we can use the deep cut blade with the pink bladeholder? That would be awesome. What font is this? I'm just getting back into using my Gazelle and am so glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi! Welcome to My Gazelle and Me :) I am so happy you found me! If you are referring to the click holder, the deep cut blade does not fit well in this holder. You will need to use the original blade holder that came with your machine. I believe the font I used was Segoe Script. I do hope you drop by again! Glad you are using your Gazelle again :D Thanks for the blog love~