Friday, July 20, 2012

Made in the USA

Hello Everyone!

Who likes to wear their husband’s or significant other’s Tee shirts? I know I do! They are so comfy! My hubby is a machine operator for one of the largest tool companies and always brings shirts home these awesome shirts full of beautiful graphics. I always admire the artwork on them.

July is when my family takes our annual vacation. When I go and visit other states I like to go to the local craft stores there. Again, while wearing one of those awesome “tool” shirts and after seeing my friend Netta’s shirts (AWESOME), I thought why not make one to let more people know who BossKut is! I am a PROUD Gazelle owner and I for one would like to get people aware and curious to what a Gazelle is! This also gave me an excuse to use some of that printable heat transfer paper I been hoarding!

This project was pretty easy to do! I put a picture of the Gazelle and the BossKut logo into the software. I traced around the images. I also typed out “Made in the USA”. I printed off the image twice; once on the HTV and the other on a piece of scrap paper. I put the scrap paper on mat to use as a template and cut around the image and the font. Once I knew where the cuts were, I placed my HTV on the mat and cut around the images (Since I have not upgraded my Gazelle to the new 3point registration yet, I had to add an extra step). I highly recommend the upgrade (have you seen the projects using it! All I can say is awesome!

While the vinyl was cutting, I pre-heated my iron to the highest setting and set the vinyl. I peeled off the backing and my shirt complete!

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! You can use your BossKut Gazelle to make your own personalized shirts for your vacation too! Remember to pop by BossKut for files, supplies and inspiration, Kenya~


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Awesome job and great instructions. Ohhh you are making me want the printable HTV. The print ant cut feature on your machine rocks. There is no stopping you sista!!

  2. Love it thanks for more awesome Ideas Kenya,
    wish I was more of a computer geek
    I have yet to do the update on my Gazelle
    even watching the how to goes over my head : (

  3. You and your Gazelle are a true wonder. The more I see the projects that create using this machine the more I want one. Love the shirt btw!!!