Monday, February 27, 2012

Church Banner

Hello Boss Kut Gazelle Lovers!

Welcome to My Gazelle and Me! On this blog, I will be sharing a variety of projects using my Boss Kut Gazelle. I hope you visit often and enjoy this blog J

For the first project, this is an information banner I made for my church. The Boss Kut Gazelle cut the vinyl beautiful! I imported the church’s logo into the software and used a true type font from my computer for the information. Easy as 123!

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. For more inspiration, pop on over to Boss Kut! Thank you for stopping by, Kenya


  1. Very nice. Do you have a video showing how to do this?

  2. Hi!!! Not of the finished product. I just showed me cutting the logo. I appreciate you Sis ;)

  3. Love it great job. I am now following you on this site too..Congrats!!!